Last week’s 52.5 group photo theme was “new” – this week’s is “happy”. And, while I’ve taken a few shots so far of things that make me happy, pretty much everything I’ve pointed the camera at (or even thought about) falls under the new category, too:

  • New discoveries: Realizing that my rug has Arabic writing
  • New opportunities: The barista position is mine if I want it (hours aren’t the best, but hey, it’s at a coffee shop)
  • New toys: Somehow (cough, cough) I ended up at one of the city’s biggest and best antique stores after my interview and left with a Kodak Jiffy camera, which can only be described as really flippin’ sweet
  • New anticipation: Said camera contained film (!) that has already been dropped off for processing – what will it reveal?

All happy stuff – and all new! It’s going to be difficult to pick the best illustration of happy this week.