Yesterday’s predictions in the mood department calling for a 95% chance of happiness, optimism, and jubilance were counterweighted late in the evening by a quick-moving cold front of pessimism and doubt generally associated with PBS fundraisers (Barb will know what I’m talking about). By 9:30 last night, I had somehow convinced myself that going back to school and accepting the part-time barista position was the worst. decision. ever. and that I had no idea what I was doing. Yikes.

While my own feelings were a bit more rational following a few hours of rest, I was still up well before 5:30 this morning, unable to sleep due to some really nasty, cold wind that’s been blowing through our area, which produces both a chill that renders our neglected art deco-era windows totally useless and a whistle that could very well come from the demonic spawn of Howdy Doody and Shari Lewis. Fine start to the day. And, to make a long story short, let’s just say that I’m not impressed with My Big State School’s organizational and administrative skills. For fuck’s sake, who doesn’t take Visa? Wait, I can answer that one…

Anyway, life isn’t so bad in the long run, so don’t mistake my complaining for anything overly negative – just venting. Speaking of negative, my roll 0f 620 film came back today, without any images. Bummer. On the bright side, the weather cleared up enough this afternoon that I took advantage of what will probably be my last “free” day in a long time and went to a local historic landmark for some fun with both the Kodak Jiffy and my D-SLR. The shot here was taken with my trusty Canon – with any luck, you’ll see the results from the Kodak in about a week.