Here’s a little bit more about me: I couldn’t remember who the Governor of Texas is today. I’m not a Texan, I haven’t lived here very long, and I really don’t care much about Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison or Kinky Crazyman. Sorry.  Inconveniently, I forgot this key piece of information this morning during an extra credit quiz in my Texas Politics and History course. I’m pretty sure that the excuse “I’m not from Texas, I just moved here, and I’ve spent the past three years living overseas” isn’t going to cut it, either, so I didn’t say anything. And now, after throwing me an especially scathing look, I’m pretty sure the professor thinks I’m a moron. Ironically, she gave out the extra credit quiz because an online extra credit assignment that was to be available from the 11th through the 15th was only up until the 13th, and the majority of the class, thinking they had more time, didn’t do it. Guess who finished it on the 13th?