I won’t be back at school until March 22nd, which seems eons away. Bliss! Plenty of time to study and read and write, without trekking downtown only to be told that x lecture is cancelled due to the rain. I can hardly say that I’m pleased with my education at Big State School at this point, last-minute cancellations for unsatisfactory reasons being the least of my concerns. The break in classes is a welcome opportunity to sit back, focus on learning without distraction, and maybe even start that essay needed as part of my transfer application to Little Private School. (That being said, I also find occasion to remind myself on a regular basis not to be such a pompous ass when it comes to criticizing the school environment.)

But anyway. It’s spring break. Like, whatever, dude. Following classes this morning, in celebration of temporary freedom from Scantron oppression, I went to the local big box store to purchase more printer paper, having promised a fellow non-trad classmate (who is so non-traditional that he doesn’t even have a computer) that I’d print and share my notes with him. In addition to the paper, I returned home with this:

Well, with pretty much everything but Rory-cat, who was waiting at the apartment. As this household’s Chief Plant Inspector, he felt the need to get involved as soon as I tore the cover off my nifty peat seed starter kit. Buying plants always feels like a little bit of a luxury to me, but since I had to give up all of my houseplants upon moving back to the States last summer and having never acquired a full family of replacements, today (almostspring!) seemed like a good occasion for a little splurge. As I was waltzing up and down the aisle of seeds, confronted with the impossibility of growing squash on my steep apartment stairs but nevertheless feeling slightly adventurous, I had visions of homegrown tomatoes and chili peppers blended into an exquisite salsa, sustaining us beautifully through the Texas summer. Soon thereafter, with the heat in mind, it also occurred to me that it’s really sad there is no such thing as a margarita plant. Then I saw them. Cactus seeds.

Mixed variety cactus seeds! Contents include: Saguaro, Hedgehog, Fishook Barrel, Dollar Prickly Pear, Desert Prickly Pear, Christmas Cholla, Cane Cholla, Santa Rita Prickly Pear, and Cardo’n. Seriously. How could you not pick up a pack of cactus seeds when your potential future plants include things likeĀ Fishook Barrel? The seed packet informs me that there are anywhere from 7 to 56 days until the seeds germinate. I can’t freaking wait. I’ll update again in a week, because it’s so damn exciting that I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to know whether or not the Cardo’n will show any signs of life, and I know you must be, too. I’ll also update with pictures from the 52.5 project, which was the entire point of this little corner of interwebs in the first place. Oh! And there’s sewing to show! And knitting to model! Wow!

*Technically, vernal equinox this year isn’t until March 20th, so the majority of our time off school is actually winter break. Like, whatever, dude.