…actually, I didn’t participate in weeks five (seasons) and week six (close up). That brings us to week seven, water:

The Most Awesome and Excellent Husband took this shot with his iPhone. It was far better than anything I’d done for the week.

Then we had a collaboration challenge during week eight, to be done with a photography partner. The only real criteria given was that we had to come up with some sort of diptych. My partner and I chose the theme “church” and then combined images.

Week nine’s theme was flare. I took this photo with a few minutes to spare between post-morning coffee dash for the shower, application of intimidating makeup and rush to pack appropriate schoolbooks. I didn’t superimpose any textures to the photo or edit it, aside from cropping. I’m really pleased with the way it came out.

For week ten, our theme was work. Aside from studying, this pretty much sums up my working life.

This week’s theme is “blue”. I’ll keep you posted.