Some of my classmates hate Blue Books because hand-writing essays in a digital age, without the advantage of red squiggly lines to point out obvious spelling errors, puts them at a distinct disadvantage. Others say that they dislike being unable to go back and edit a completed essay without prodigious application of an old-fashioned eraser. Personally, my only real objection to Blue Books is the fact that I have to pay for them. Well over $2,000 in fees alone per semester doesn’t seem to get a student very much these days. I don’t think I’ve gotten $10.00 worth of International Globalization Experience so far this term, and certainly not $83.00 worth of undergraduate advising, unless you could the lady who was kind enough to direct my to the bookstore. Where I bought my Blue Books, which are not covered under the $5.00 writing program fee – the writing program being the course for which I need the Blue Books. I wonder what that $5.00 goes to.