While I don’t know if things tend to happen in sets of three like some people say they do, it does seem as though my knitting for pregnant friends always falls under the proverbial “when it rains it pours” umbrella. Right now I have not one or two but three good friends who are expecting, and I try to knit a special gift every time I know someone is having a baby. The latest FO is Baby’s First Aran, a pattern I’ve knit a couple of times previously for other friends. I’m quite fond of the result, knit in KP Comfy Worsted on 5.5mm needles and using all but a few yards of four skeins:

And, currently on the needles is the ubiquitous Baby Surprise Jacket, because after months of not knitting I need something cozy and familiar. (When I finally decided I was going to finish this Baby’s First Aran, I pulled it out of a bag that also contained a Real Simple Christmas magazine and a notebook I last used at the job I quit in December.)

So, that’s what’s going on in my knitting world for the time being. Second baby sweater out of three on the needles – any ideas for the third? The parents aren’t going to know the gender of the baby until birth. Oh! I also have a finished Wrenna to show off, but taking respectable photos of a chunky black sweater with one’s iPhone isn’t as simple as you’d think – my attempts to convince myself that the resulting pictures were “charming” and “artistic” were not successful. Also, I just realized that this post makes it sound like knitting babies is all the rage these days. But it makes me giggle, so it stays.