…the more leisure we have. I’ve started about half a dozen draft posts but something has prevented me from actually publishing them each and every time. There was the post about the amazing progress my caladium had made since planting the bulbs three weeks ago. I just needed to wait until daylight to take pictures of the beautiful, leafy growth – but one of the cats decided to have a midnight snack and the leaves are no more. Tracking progress in another department, I thought about starting “Fitness Fridays” as I’ve recently taken up running again in an effort to fight the sneaky Texas fat. But that’s vain and boring. Then, there were posts about knitting, accompanied by lots of inexcusably crappy photos.

Finally, some better pictures… Voila – the Wrenna Sweater from French Girl Knits. Made with just over two skeins of Lion Brand Thick ‘n Quick, it was a fun, easy knit. And, it’s actually pretty versatile. I’ve worn it several times since it came off the needles, usually with a broach as a closure since I’m too lazy busy to sew on proper hooks and eyes or find some lacing. The stitch pattern is simple but adds visual interest – even more so had I not knit it in black. But, it’s an incredibly quick project on 15mm needles, so maybe I’ll make another one soon.

Speaking of knitting another, the latest Baby Surprise Jacket is ready for seaming. Few things in the knitting world are easier to seam than Baby Surprise Jackets. Unfortunately, I’ve been lazy busy over the past few weeks and haven’t gotten around it it. Fortunately, the its intended recipient isn’t due until August. There’s already another baby sweater in the making – this time with some lovely Regia (I think) cotton sock yarn – that’s a sleeve and a yoke away from completion. But that’s been on hold since last weekend, as a couple of papers and five finals are looming in the not-so-distant future. I’m finding the balancing act between school, work, and leisure to be do-able, but precarious. Which is why I’m only planning on signing up for 18 credit hours this summer. Cough, cough.