It’s been another good week. We’re nearing the end of the semester, with only one exam left to go – Freshman Comp. While I dread the tedium of spending hours on end writing yet another trite essay describing vague notions of social equality, it’s good to know that by Thursday afternoon it will all. be. over. Until June, anyway, when summer semester starts. Earlier this week, I officially changed my major from Humanities* to Geology, so the coming two or so years will involve many more complaints about clastic rocks than classics. I’m both nervous and excited. I wasn’t really a sciencey/mathy person in high school, but then again, I didn’t really apply myself. Now that science seems cool, we’ll see if I can maintain my 4.0. Gulp.

In addition to finishing the semester, I’ve also finished a sweater and bootie set. There is a young lady who sits in the back of my Freshman Composition class who is pregnant with her first child – a little girl. The sweater is Debbie Bliss’s Hooded Jacket from Simply Baby – it’s a typical Debbie Bliss pattern with lots of seaming, but it turned out well and I’d definitely knit it again. The booties are called Bundles of Love and were designed by Crumgrubber Knits. I adored knitting them – easy, quick, and darling!

Next – finished yarn, spinning in progress, another baby sweater on the needles, and maybe even some sewing to show!

*I chose Humanities as my major because when I initially applied to go to school at Major State Institution as a transfer student, I thought that I’d be seen as wishy-washy if I didn’t have a declared major. Humanities was the most innocuous thing I could think of. Little did I know that I would be attending a school where at least 85% of applicants are accepted. Whoops. Ironically, I decided to major in Geology based on a prerequisite course that 85% of students hate. Go figure.