The Husband – My Better Half – and I had a very relaxing, very lazy weekend, with lots of time spent doing not much of anything, or, when we were actually out of the apartment, doing not-very-productive things like hanging out at favorite restaurants consuming all sorts of less-than-healthy snacks and beverages while watching baseball and creating strategies for finding The Ultimate Church (a long story, I’ll get to that one later). And, while My Better Half was immersed in a few very exciting rounds of Settlers of Catan online, I was able to do quite a bit of crafting! I will show you this week, I promise – I just need to sew the buttons on to a tiny baby sweater (still drying) and put the finishing touches on an apron before the big photo shoot.

In the mean time, not worrying about homework and studies has provided ample opportunity for other thrilling things. Today, already, I’ve done dishes, folded laundry, tidied up the living room, taken Fredrika (my station wagon) for a wash, sewed a bit more on the second apron, and gone shopping! Not that shopping was particularly difficult, mind you – inspired by Lucy of Attic24’s Hexagonal Blanket (the poor woman is going to think I’m staking her, I’ve clicked on her blog so many times since discovering it last week) and the colors in a piece of fabric we saw the other day, I went to Michael’s and picked up a fine new stash of acrylic delight!

The finished blanket will go in my new caravan. I can’t wait.