My Better Half has an Army Event this evening, something called a Tactical Dining In, that –  so near as I can tell –  is a military dinner of sorts during which soldiers are free to do ridiculous things (I once heard a story about someone’s shorts being a key ingredient in a so-called grog bowl) and are thus able to fully revel in their Armyness in the absence of spouses and other reasonable witnesses. The Husbeast describes it as follows:

An internal unit function designed to boost morale, honor silly traditions, encourage drinking, and provide a venue for blowing off steam.

Sounds suspect, doesn’t it? Anyway, part of tonight’s festivities involves The Wearing of Aprons, with both enlisted and commissioned leadership from each company dressing up to dish out the food. The aprons are part of a competition for an Esprit de Corps streamer, a little ribbon that the winner is entitled to attach to his or her company’s flag in a playful, prideful display of superiority. While most other companies went out and got creative with pre-fab aprons, I simply couldn’t have that for The Husbeast’s crew, the Hell Hounds. Enter the Manly Apron, complete with duct tape strap (I’m especially proud of the paint job) –

…and its ever-so-dainty counterpart, the Puppy Apron!

Last I heard, the Commander and the First Sergeant were arguing over who gets to wear which apron, which was, incidentally, after I made an emergency run to Michael’s and then sped down to Base upon receiving a phone call requesting last-minute assistance because the XO (the guy who’s second in command) desperately had to have – of all things – five candle holders. Army Strong, indeed.