While I usually stick to my knitting, every once in a while I get bitten by the crochet bug – this time, it was Lucy’s Hexagon How-To that did it. How can you resist such colors, such happiness? I might’ve waited a full 24 hours before finally caving in to temptation and sprinting up to Michael’s for some yarn, but I think saying that I was patient for an entire day might be a bit of an exaggeration! And, I’ve been on a crochet binge ever since, sitting for hours watching old NOVA programs on the computer or chatting with my fellow coffee shop girls during lulls in business.

The colors, in my mind, have a sort of vintage-y feel to them. They remind me of cowboys and the Old Wild West, or at least an interpretation of the theme that you might find on a set of kids’ bed linens. Light blue sky, brown horses and saddles, green cacti… You get the idea. The other night I was waxing poetic about my imagined retro western scene to My Better Half, and asked if the colors give him the same impression. Nope. No way. But the blanket does remind him of his grandmother, he says, who, for the record, he wants you to know, was not a cowgirl. Oh, well.

With every new hex, I find myself falling in love with a different and surprisingly beautiful color combination. I’m not world’s best crocheter, but it doesn’t really matter. Hi, ho, Retroblankie! I could do this all day long.