I managed to finish up the Koolhaas hat yesterday afternoon while watching You Tubed episodes of Supernanny. Or maybe it was Nanny 911, I’m not really sure. Whatever the program, it went well with my latest Mindless Knitting project, while still providing some semblance of amusement.

I’m afraid this may be the last finished object I have to show for a while – or at least, the last FO cranked out at a rather rapid pace. School begins again on Tuesday, and I’ll have quite a bit of studying to do during the short (five week) summer semesters – especially considering my absence due to the wedding in Germany mid-July. I’ve written to all of my professors explaining my circumstances, and have received positive response from one and nothing from the other two. Fuhh. I may have to re-configure my schedule in order to minimize GPA damage.

Hats are quick to knit! Delightfully quick! I hadn’t made one in ages, and now I think that everyone may be receiving them for Christmas this year. That’s do-able, right? After all, I’m almost done with the 19-repeat Swallowtail shawl I’ve been working on for my step daughter’s Christmas present… Does it really matter that the original intended year of completion was 2009?