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This week was pretty productive. Rewarding myself for a very full week of term-paper submissions and final-tests-before-finals, I signed up for a private spinning lesson and wound up at one of our local yarn shops — Yarnivore — on Thursday afternoon. Talk about enlightening! Granted, I haven’t been spinning since we landed in Texas, but prior to our move I always spun with the wacky short-draw technique that I’d somewhat impatiently picked up from books and You Tube clips — not bad, but not exactly sophisticated or controlled, either. Check out the improvements thanks to class — the yarn you see closer to center is the bulkier, less exacting product, while the yarn around the edge of the hank is the result of a few minutes’ practice using a supported long draw! So exciting.

The pea-green experiment in control will go to my dear and always gracious friend Susanna, who, despite being World’s Next Greatest Knitter, is always kind enough to find both beauty in and use for my less-than-perfect fiber experiments. Meanwhile, encouraged by the success of the supported long draw (from the fold, no less) I began spinning some Ashford merino that’s been around for a while:

In scholastic news, on Friday a letter from school arrived in the mail. I assumed that it was just another survey or notification of increased tuition and opened it with no small amount of disdain. Turns out I’ve won a small scholarship from the writing department for a Freshman Composition essay that my professor encouraged me to submit. Since my tuition is already covered under the GI Bill and any extra payment is credited to my account, the award allowed me to finance a trip to my high school best friend’s wedding that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford. So, I’ll be in Germany for a very, very brief period of time this June. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it down to Frankfurt during what amounts to a four-day-weekend, but we’ll see. I can’t wait!

Oh! And speaking of excited, The Husbeast and I went for a motorcycle ride yesterday up to the Triumph dealership, where I promptly fell in love with a Bonneville. While it’s not something in the budget any time soon (I’m saving all of my tip money for a piano!), seeing such a beautiful bike reinforced my zeal for riding — pretty darn cool.